Image of the Colorado River and Glenwood Canyon Bike Trail near the Hanging Lake Trailhead in the Glenwood Canyon. The river, vegetation and canyon walls make a stunning view from the trail.

Rad Wagon E-Bike Rentals

In this image, a striking orange Rad Wagon E-bike from Hanging Lake Adventure Co-op and Glenwood Canyon Bikes.

Rad Wagon E-Bike Rentals


HOURLY $24.99 / DAILY $79.99

ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION: You can’t go wrong with this family friendly option, as the Rad Wagon E-Bike provides the best value, flexibility and access for a family wanting to enjoy the beauty of the Glenwood Canyon or Rio Grande Trails. With the ability to comfortably transport both an adult and toddler or youth (bike seat attachments available) well over 40 miles on a single charge, you can enjoy a full day of exploring without leaving anyone behind.


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MOST POPULAR BIKE ACTIVITY – You can’t go wrong with this option, as an E-Bike rental provided by Canyon Bikes provides the best value, flexibility and access of any activity in the area.  With well over a 40 mile range on a single charge you can enjoy both the Glenwood Canyon Recreation / Bike Trail and much of the Rio Grande Trail in the same day.  Or, rent for multiple days (battery recharging provided) so that you have unlimited access to some of the areas most popular attractions and activities.

2 hour minimum on all rentals. Daily rate provides the best value. Rate is based on calendar day. All rentals rounded to the next full hour. Multi Day discounts available by calling Hanging Lake Adventure Co-op directly.

Glenwood Canyon Bikes

Glenwood Canyon Bikes is located at the HLA Co-op Basecamp at 152 W. 6th Street, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601.



GLENWOOD CANYON BIKES MEET OUR PARTNER LEARN MORE This close-up image captures a stack of vibrant orange Giant bikes, arranged closely together. The bold color of the bikes creates a visually striking and dynamic composition, emphasizing the unity of the neatly arranged two-wheelers.



or $599 / Private Boat Half Day Rafting Adventure $67.99 - $73.99 Hanging Lake Hiking Permits $10.00 - $12.00 Rad Mission E-Bike Rentals $19.99 HOUR | $59.99 DAY Colorado Overlander Rental & Packages $199 - $399 DAY Glenwood Hot Springs Pool $25.00 - $39.00 Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park $50.00 - $65.00 Mild & Scenic Half Day Rafting Trip $60.99 - $70.99 E-Bike Rental & Shuttle $59.99 An image capturing the adventure of a Blue Sky-branded raft navigating the Shoshone Rapids on the Colorado River. In this image, a vibrant red Rad Mission E-bike from Hanging Lake Adventure Co-op and Glenwood Canyon Bikes. In this striking image, a Colorado Overlander truck is showcased atop a mountain with its rooftop tents open, providing a breathtaking vantage point overlooking a dramatic desert scene. This photo captures the serene charm of Glenwood Hot Springs pool as seen from the pedestrian bridge in Glenwood Springs during the evening. This photo captures the thrilling experience of a theme-park ride atop Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, perched on the mountain's edge, offering a view of the charming town of Glenwood Springs. This serene photo captures a boat gracefully floating on the calm Class II waters of the river. Captured in this image is Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon, where vibrant colors dominate the scene with brilliant shades of green. In this image, a girl flashes a bright smile as she zips along on a vibrant red Mission e-bike.

Rafting FAQ’s and Helpful Information Shop Rafting Photos Hanging Lake Permits & Information 3 Most Popular Colorado River Rafting Adventures This image features a family joyfully navigating the Shoshone Rapids with their raft guide. In this captivating image, a guide expertly navigates a full boat of guests through the exhilarating Shoshone Rapids. Adorned in essential safety gear, including life jackets and helmets, the group paddles together, showcasing teamwork and skill as they conquer the rapids. Captured in this image is Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon, where vibrant colors dominate the scene with brilliant shades of green. In this delightful scene, a couple enjoys kayaking in a double Duckie, paddling through gentle Class II waters with smiles on their faces.

LOUISA – 5 Star Google Review

“Great Bikes – Wonderful Trails!
Sure enjoyed renting a couple of e-bikes from Samantha and riding the Rio Grande to Carbondale and Glenwood Canyon to Hanging Lake. Everything is so biker friendly and the people are so friendly. Thx GCB!!”

Rad Mission E-Bike Rental Guest

Gabriel – 5 Star Google Review

“I don’t leave reviews often, but felt it important to call out (in the most positive way) this company. My family and I rented some bikes and were shuttled to our destination. From the moment we arrived we were warmly welcomed and were made to feel very comfortable. Cannot say enough good things about everyone we encountered, in particular Chris, who shuttled us to our drop off point… This was a highlight of our trip. Thanks guys!”

E-Bike Rental & Shuttle

Danielle – 5 Star Google Review

“What a great experience! Super friendly and kind with a great merch selection. We were walk-ins and they had plenty of selection available; we were out the door in no time. 10 out of 10 recommend!”

Hybrid Bike Rental Guest

Fernando – 5 Star Google Review

“Great staff, super helpful and great equipment. Always willing to help with support provided throughout the day. Really recommend.”

Rad Mission E-Bike Rental Guest

Michael – 5 Star Google Review

“Great experience! Renting a bike was quick and easy. Staff was very pleasant and helpful. We rented the e-bikes for the day and it was perfect! The staff recommended the Rio Grand Trail to Carbondale. We loved it and the bikes were amazing! My wife and I highly recommend GLENWOOD CANYON BIKES!”

Rad Wagon E-Bike Rental Guests

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