SKI & SNOWBOARD INSTRUCTORS ENTER HERE LODGING & ACCOMODATIONS ENTER HERE SKIS & SNOWBOARDS BOOK ONLINE NOW hla co-op's rental shop SKI & SNOWBOARDS BOOK ONLINE NOW hla co-op's rental shop A serene landscape photo of snow-capped mountains and a clear blue sky. In this image, hands meticulously make a bed, adding the finishing touches with a neatly folded comforter. This close-up image captures a hand meticulously wiping off the base of a snowboard, highlighting the attention to detail and care taken in preparing the equipment for optimal performance on the slopes. A cheerful group of friends pause for a photo while snowboarding on the mountain. Their vibrant, brightly colored winter attire stands out, and the big smiles on their faces reflect the joy and excitement of their snowboarding adventure.


"As a FAMILY OWNED business committed to providing wonderful customer service, we depend on your referral to help us grow and improve as a business. THANK YOU VERY MUCH."

In this photograph, Patrick Drake, co-owner of Hanging Lake Adventure Co-op, is captured holding his skis, dressed in his ski patrol outfit with goggles and a helmet. His warm smile radiates a friendly personality.

Patrick Drake
Co-Owner of Hanging Lake Adventure Co-op

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